Food Safety Auditing

  • Food Safety Auditing is very different to Food Safety Inspection.  Auditing is a systematic process which addresses all the stages of the Audit Life Cycle.
  • Food Safety Auditing is essentially about gathering information or data and then making a decision based on the findings.  The three ways of data collection are; observation, assessing paperwork and asking questions.  Questioning is the most powerful means of assessing competency as it measures the level of knowledge in an organisation.
  • As registered IRCA Food Safety Auditors IMS uses all of the above techniques when conducting first party and second party audits.
  • Independent first party audits are conducted for food business operators wishing to pursue food safety standard certification such as ISO22000, BRC, BRC/IOP etc.
  • Second party audits are conducted for food business operators who wish to fulfil their customer requirements relating to supplier approval.

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